Post-blockchain smart contracts

Why RGB?

  • Scalability

    RGB can scale in terms of transaction throughput, data size and network size. It doesn't keep any data on-chain (in any blockchain); it is sharded from the day 1 and is fully interoperable with layer 2 scalability solutions.

  • Privacy

    No chain analysis is possible due to the absence of transaction graph in blockchain. RGB uses zero-knowledge to protect the history of a fungible state. With RGB, user is always in-charge what and when to disclosure parts of the history and state, if needed.

  • Bitcoin & Lightning

    RGB is a native member of Bitcoin and Lightning network ecosystem, brining rich smart contracts in a scalable way to the World's most secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency.

Build with RGB

RGB was designed to allow everything what is possible with blockchain-based smart contracts (like in Ethereum and other systems) – but in the scalable, robust and private way. With RGB, you can do the following categories of smart contracts (and much more):

  • Tokens

    From stablecoins and corporate shares to securities and application-specific tokens.

  • NFTs

    Issue digital media (books, music, video, podcasts) and collectible items.

  • DeFi

    Do a liquidity pool, AMM-based DEX, or a collateral-based algorithmic stable-coin.

  • DAOs

    Run a decentralized autonomous organization with all required functionality.


  • Hold assets

    Install one of the wallets supporting RGB and start interacting with RGB contracts.

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  • Trade

    Several exchanges already support RGB assets; use one of them to start trading.

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  • Earn

    Join one of the existing liquidity pools for DEXes and start earning money.

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Developers and power users can harness the power of RGB and work with the smart contracts by using RGB command-line or running an RGB Node on their home server or in a private cloud.


RGB would not exist without the generous contributions of time, work, and resources from individuals and companies. We are very grateful for the support!

  • Developers

    RGB is a community project with a lot of developers dedicating their time and efforts to create it and extend it's toolchain.

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  • Sponsors

    The RGB project receives support from individuals & companies through LNP/BP Standards Association.

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