Learn RGB

RGB is a scalable & confidential smart contracts system for Bitcoin & lightning network developed by the LNP/BP Association. It embraces the concept of private & mutual ownership and is a "post-blockchain", Turing-complete form of trustless distributed computing which does not require introduction of tokens.

  • FAQ & videos

    Best place to learn core RGB concepts is on our FAQ website. We also have accumulated a lot of explanatory videos on our YouTube channel.

    RGB tutorials

  • Specifications

    RGB is a multi-layer stack of protocols. A good overview is given in the RGB whitepaper but there are other specs available.

    RGB specs

  • API Docs

    For developers, we have a lot of API reference documentation for RGB libraries used in contract development and integration.

    API references

  • Use RGB

    Learn RGB through using its - exploring its functionality starting at installation and continuing the journey as a power user with RGB command-line tool and RGB Node.

    Install RGB

    Power user guidelines

  • Integrate RGB

    Want to let your users access RGB assets & smart contracts? Integrating RGB is simple as using one of existing SDKs in your project and working with JSON data structures. Check what libraries exists for RGB integration today, provided by several independent teams and companies.

    Integrate RGB

  • Program RGB

    Simple RGB contracts can be created in Rust (using handy macros). More advanced contracts will require writing code for AluVM in AluAssembly language. We are also working on a new high-level language called Contractum, the release of which is targeted towards the end of the year.

    Learn to program