RGB Regtest Environment

A ready-to-use Bitcoin regtest environment required for testing the open-source RGB project by BitLight, featuring:

  • Deep integration of the Esplora UI browser built into version v0.11
  • A descriptor address generation tool required for the RGB CLI
  • A Bitcoin wallet faucet tool


Before installing the RGB regtest environment, you need to install the components used in its build process.

Getting Started

Close repo bitlightlabs/bitlight-local-env-public

git clone git@github.com:bitlightlabs/bitlight-local-env-public.git
cd bitlight-local-env-public

check the .env file and change the values if needed

Run make start or make up to start the development environment

Explore the environment


Esplorea API is running on http://localhost:3002, you can check it by running curl localhost:3002/mempool | jq for example:

$ curl -s localhost:3002/mempool | jq
  "count": 0,
  "vsize": 0,
  "total_fee": 0,
  "fee_histogram": []

The Esplora UI is running on http://localhost:5002, you can open it in your browser to see the Esplora UI

Bitcoin Wallet Faucet

You can mint and send bitcoins to your wallet using the Bitcoin Wallet Faucet. To use it, run the following commands:

$ make core-cli
# (in the docker container)
/cli mint 1 # mint 1 bitcoin
/cli send <address> <amount> # send <amount> bitcoin to the <address>


$ make core-cli
docker-compose -p bitlight-local-env exec -it -w /cli bitcoin-core /cli/active.sh
/cli $ load_wallet
load wallet's address: bcrt1qv6428v9lzk9ac5aswp4hlaf773r48824stfvx9 with balance: 50.00000000
/cli $ send bcrt1pr3rupmav8a7av7dqfyvynu2wk02lduggnh9ln4ndze9aqvuv9y3sklwrss 25
load wallet's address: bcrt1qx4mwpxpw0d8prsrw4fg8q2s94au6s2qk5dwc9g with balance: 50.00000000
Sent 25 to bcrt1pr3rupmav8a7av7dqfyvynu2wk02lduggnh9ln4ndze9aqvuv9y3sklwrss

Wallet Service Setup and Usage

There are two wallets available in the environment: Alice and Bob. You can add more by yourself. To use the wallets, run the following commands:

$ make alice-cli # or make bob-cli
# (in the docker container with Alice wallet REPL console)
> help # to see the available commands
> wallet sync # to sync the wallet with the blockchain
> wallet balance # to check the wallet balance
> wallet list_unspent # to list the unspent transactions
> wallet get_new_address # to get a new address

For more usage and example, please refer to the Wallets Usage

E2E Tests

You can use it in you E2E tests. For example, there a test in the tests/e2e.rs and run with GitHub actions:

# .github/workflows/test.yml
      - name: Build Docker images
        run: |
          docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml build
      - name: Start Blockchain
        run: |
          make up
          API_PORT: 3002
          RPC_USER: bitcoin
          RPC_PASSWORD: bitcoin

      - name: Build
        run: make build  # build the project by your own

      - name: Run tests
        run: make test # run the tests