RGB documentation

Intro to RGB


    RGB FAQ is an external resource maintained by our team which gives a high-level introduction into RGB and provides a detailed glossary.

    Visit FAQ website

  • Videos

    Over the years we have made hundreds of videos, which go beyond explaining RGB, and reveal the whole history of its design and development.

    Watch videos

  • Guidelines

    Check our guidelines, which help in getting started with RGB from both user and developer perspectives.

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RGB Specifications

  • Black paper

    Unlike an ICO "whitepaper", the RGB blackpaper systematically explains RGB, its capabilities, applications and most importantly, does not shill any tokens.

    Read blackpaper

  • Yellow paper

    Yellow paper gives a formal description of RGB system in terms of distributed computing and computer science. It is a work-in-progress and will be released later this year.

  • LNP/BP Standards

    RGB is also defined in a number of LNPBP standards from LNP/BP Standards Association.

    See standards

API references

Consensus level APIs

LibraryDescriptionAPI ReferenceSource code
Commit-verifyCommit-verify cryptographic schemes and multi-protocol commitments (LNPBP-4 standard)https://docs.rs/commit_verifyLNP-BP/commit_verify
Single-use-sealsSingle-use-seals abstract APIshttps://docs.rs/single_use_sealsLNP-BP/single_use_seals
BP DBCDeterministic bitcoin commitments on bitcoin protocolhttps://docs.rs/bp-dbcBP-WG/bp-dbc
BP SealsSingle-use-seals with bitcoin protocolhttps://docs.rs/bp-sealsBP-WG/bp-seals
RGB CoreMain consensus code for RGBhttps://docs.rs/rgb-coreRGB-WG/rgb-core

Integration level APIs

LibraryDescriptionAPI ReferenceSource code
RGB Standard LibRGB standard library for working with smart contracts on the lowest levelhttps://docs.rs/rgb-stdRGB-WG/rgb-std
RGB Wallet LibWallet-integration library for WASM apps providing RGB invoices and PSBT functionalityhttps://docs.rs/rgb-walletRGB-WG/rgb-wallet
RGB LibHigh-level RGB integration library for mobile & desktop apps providing FS-based stash storagehttps://docs.rs/rgb-contractsRGB-WG/rgb

Other resources

  • AluVM

    Functional virtual machine used in RGB smart contracts and in lightning.

    AluVM website

  • Strict types

    Data type system, "protocol buffers for functional programming", used in RGB.

    Strict types website

  • Contractum

    Contractum is a declarative programming language for smart contracts.

    Contractum website