RGB release v0.7


We are happy to announce v0.7 release of RGB v0.7, which provides a milestone of the recent RGB developments which include:

  • Full taproot-based OP_RETURN commitments (tapret)
  • New multi-protocol commitments (MPCs) codified as LNPBP-4 standard. They are based on merkle trees and provide support for using RGB alongside other client-side-validation protocols.
  • State transition bundling for multi-participant transactions (required for LN and payjoins/coinjoins).
  • Data attachments (binary data for NFTs etc) and support for arbitrary rich data in contract state with a new schema for representing hierarchies of such data structures.

Alongside with RGB Core libraries it we have released RGB Node v0.7, which is a developer preview to test all those new RGB features. The RGB Node API is subject to change with the new v0.8 version (which will include many wallet/PSBT-related, data storage and networking) changes, so it is advised not to invest a lot of effort into integrating this version and rather wait for v0.8 "in two weeks" :).